pilates training

After a week of computer related problems and time at the computer doctor, I have my laptop back now, along with all of my recent photos.  The computer is on it’s last legs for sure, but I will try to eek out a few more months of hobbling along at sloooowww speeds and an if-y power cord.

In other news….

In case you didn’t know, one of my hats these days is pilates instructor in training, and it will be a summer full!  I am so insanely lucky to be doing all my training at Jennifer Gianni’s Fusion Pilates, have a look at her studio!

Not a bad place to hang out, huh?  I’ve been teaching a few times a week and will finish up my course work by the end of the summer.  Last weekend we had an incredible class and learned lots of advanced moves on the Reformer.  I took my first teacher training class last august, so all in all, it will have taken me about a year.  It is such a joy to keep learning and being a student and filling my brain with anatomy and movement – I just can’t get enough!  And then to be able to jump right in and teach in this amazing facility, well, I’m just too lucky.  I’ll keep updating here as I continue my path towards the final certification, and hopefully remember to bring my camera to the next training weekend in july to get some good action shots!


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