Versailles – home of kings…

Spent a good part of the day at Versailles, and of course all I could think of was my favorite movie, Marie Antoinette, by Sophia Coppolla.  Oh the opulence!  This was one of those times when I’m so frustrated that a time machine hasn’t been invented yet – because I’m dying to see what that kind of life would be like!

It's a really big house!

The famous hall of mirrors. Home of the King's throne. Heavy.

Fancy little stool

Looking straight up into one of the chandeliers in the hall of mirrors. They are the original Chech glass

Our reflections in the mirror where the throne would have stood.

The canopy over the queen's bed. 19 royal babies were born in this bed over the years! My favorite room in the house - so lovely.

Detail of a tie back for the Queen's curtains.

Wall paper - actually fabric in the Queen's room. There is a secret door in this wall where Marie Antoinette escaped from the rioting masses.

The main garden. Astounding.

Detail of a statue in a fountain. So sweet.

From the garden looking up, the Queen's balcony. She has a pretty nice view.

The golden gate at the entrance.

So this was our last day in Paris.  But, tune in to my next post……..


3 Responses to “Versailles – home of kings…”

  1. 1 deanjbaker March 11, 2010 at 7:53 pm

    interesting to see this – thanks

  2. 3 Elizabeth March 13, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    Looks like a beautiful blue sky day. When we were in Versailles it was grey, grey, grey and very cold.

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