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Decorating the Tree!

A few photos from this afternoon’s activities.  We finally got the tree after school today at the Western North Carolina Farmers Market.  I gave up all control and let the kids pick the tree, and let them decorate it how ever they wanted.  It was nice! I just sat back and snapped photos.

take note of the boy's outfit - Ryland's devil horns and tail from halloween, of course! Why not?

The cat's favorite day of the year! boxes! tissue paper! toys hanging from the bottom branches!

I love this paper ornament. The colors are enough to inspire a collection!

little rudolph. can't remember which kid made this.

My favorite - vintage lead glass.

sweet little pinecone - all sparkly.

Hello, Kitty!

Holt brought me this little wooden bird from Germany a couple years ago.

the ever popular thumbprint mouse. does everyone have one of these?

The man can put the tree into the stand, but then he has to get back to grading papers - grades are due tomorrow!

It's Ryland's turn to put the angel on the tree, but everyone gets a chance to touch it as they pass it along. So democratic.

Reaching! Can she make it?

Whoa! Catch her!

Ta Da! What a crew.

awww, Gertie had a hard day.

Overall, an nice evening.


Gocco Crazy

Last year for my birthday, Jeff bought me a Gocco printer so I could play around with printing my fabrics to add dimensions.  I’ve been a bit afraid of it, but last week (one year later) we broke it out for a test run.

In case you haven’t heard of Gocco, as I hadn’t one year ago, it’s this little plastic printer from Japan.  If you google it, you will find it has sort of a cult following among crafters and artists.  It really is easy to do – basically you draw the image you want to print, and put it in the little slot, and when you press down on the screen, two lightbulbs flash and imprint the image onto a screen.  Then, you take that screen that you just burned, and ink it up and print on whatever you want.  Pretty cool, huh? It takes some practice, but between my trusty, artsy man and me, we did pretty good! Looky:

Here's the little yellow plastic Gocco. You place the fabric on the little pad, and the screen goes into that little window you see.

Black fabric ink I bought at the downtown art supply store.

Jeff puts the ink on the bird image in the screen. That little squiggle of foam keeps the ink from bleeding out to the edges.

here are all the practice presses on different fabrics. Looks pretty good I think!


These long and lean tanks are now up on my etsy site if you want one for yourself!

Planting bulbs

I finally remembered to plant bulbs before winter! The kids were selling them for a fundraiser at their school, so we bought a bunch of tulips.  I dug up a new bed and the kids helped plant.  Have a look:

a sunny fall afternoon

digging down

pretty turtle backs from the lake

can't wait for the tulips in the spring!