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Cold Brewed Coffee

So you know I love coffee.  I mean, really really.  Can’t go without.  Well, I found a new way to brew it that is gentler on the tummy.  Brew it cold!  I bought this coffee maker from Toddy on Amazon and started a pot right up. Basically, you put a pound of coffee and 9 cups of water into a carafe, and let it sit for 12 hours!  You are left with a coffee concentrate which you then add hot or cold water or milk to whenever you want a cup.  I bought it because I drink tons of iced coffee in the summer, and I only drink it black.  Sometimes when the coffee sits in ice, it gets watered down, and kind of  battery-acid tasting.  But this stuff is great! Perfect for that summer iced coffee.  30 something dollars well spent… Come over for a cup and see what I mean!

This is what it looks like - the image is from their web site. Pretty, huh?


Vintage cotton

Well NO! I didn’t forget about you!  I’ve just been deep in the pudding of costume making for a local dance troupe, with no time for the computer.  Show starts tonight so I’ll have to get some good photos to share.

So today, I got back to my own stuff, and made a skirt out of a bolt of vintage cotton lawn that I recently bought.  Oh, it’s so pretty! Candy pink, soft and airy, with an organic cotton waistband.

Here it is on the manny, paired with one of my bamboo skinny tanks.

A detail of the adjustable drawstrings on the side, and a closer look at this pretty fabric!

You can go to my Etsy shop to see more details.  It feels good to make something pretty just for for fun, and I have a whole bolt of this cotton, so more to come!  I think it would make a very pretty tunic or light summer dress…..


Strawberries are in at the Western North Carolina Farmers Market!  If you live here – go get some now! Inexpensive, fresh, local:

I got 2 big baskets. The kids will be so excited when they get home from school!

Up close.

Now, what to make, what to make….

I’m thinking about jam, muffins, tarts…. for now, here’s my recipe for Strawberry Ice Cream – only worth making when the strawberries are fresh.

Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream:

3 Cups whole organic milk

1 1/4 Cups sugar.  (if your berries are super sweet, just use 1 c., if not so sweet, add a little more).

dash of salt

3 large egg yolks

2 cups diced strawberries

In a saucepan, heat the milk to a boil, then remove from heat.

Combine sugar, salt and yolks in a bowl, beat with mixer at high speed until thick and pale.

With a ladle or cup measure, gradually add a little bit at a time of the milk to the egg mixture, beating with a whisk the whole time.  Once you have added half the milk, pour the egg mixture back into the saucepan, and continue to heat the whole mixture on medium low for about 2-3 minutes, stirring the whole time.  Put the saucepan into a large bowl filled with ice to cool the mixture down, stir occasionally.  When the mixture is cold, pour it into your ice cream mixer and freeze according to the directions on your mixer.  I use a regular old Cuisinart one I got for my birthday one year.  You can’t believe how much use that thing has seen!

You can always puree the strawberries if your kids don’t like the texture of the frozen chunks of fruit.  I’ve been through that.