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So look to your right on the screen.

If you click on the Tweet Tweet, you will get to my twitter account, which will give you a link to click to see the skirt of the day.  It’s  been fun to make and show springy colors, and I just love this pattern – it just looks so good on every body.

Here are yesterdays and todays installments:

Fridays' Surfer Chic

Click here to see more views and ways to wear it.

Dogwood Blossoms

Click here to see more dogwood blossoms from todays’ skirt!


A Skirt A Day

Ok People…. It’s skirt time!

I’m going to feature a skirt a day on my etsy page.  I was going to start in February, but I’m anxious to get started, so today is the 1st installment!

Here’s my pick for today:

Tangerine dots - yummy!

Follow this link to go straight to the etsy page and see more views!

(pass it on……..)

Never sit down…

Look what happens when I do (the littles got a hold of my Nikon) :

“Enchanted Picnic”

I came across this color forecasting post this morning and was enamored with the palate.  It was from the site Fashion Trendsetter, and I just wanted to share!  I love how the grey and beige work with brightness of the almost pastel brights.

Reminds me of my favorite movie, Marie Antoinette!

I’m not sure who staged this photo, but hats off to fashion trendsetter for posting it.

Rest assured, you will see more of these colors from me in the spring!

Colorful Scarves

For one of my holiday shows, I made a bunch of bright, bold scarves to liven up some simple t- shirt dresses that I was showing.  I decided to add them to the Etsy site because they are so cute and versatile, and will brighten up the January blues. We’re wearing them as wraps, scarves, or folded as hair ties and belts.  With beautiful fabrics from Anna Maria Horner and Heather Bailey, how can you go wrong?  The best part, I cut them on the bias which gives them lots of stretch and drape.

tangerine and pink

green apple and white

green brocade and tangerine dots

green apple dots and red poppies

Check ’em out at Hazel Anne.  Who wants one??!!

A Warm Day and a Tea Party

Ah! the snow is melting! today is rainy and cool, but 2 days ago it really felt like the start of spring.  I know it is too early and the cold will come back, but while the sun shone and the kids were home for Martin Luther King day, we made cupcakes and dressed up the dolls and invited the neighbors for a tea party.  Yes, it seems like we do this all the time, but I really like cupcakes.  And the kids really like dressing up dolls (ok – I do, too).  MLK day seemed a fine enough excuse – we called them peace cupcakes!  Look how easy it is to make an afternoon special:

5 kids, 5 cupcakes, 4 cups of tea (1 broken mug), 4 American Girl dolls, and 1 handmade boy doll.

Kit and Josephina enjoy the sun. My mom made these clothes and I made Josephina's shrug.

Love is cupcakes

Here's a view of another shrug I knit. I got the pattern for free on Ravelry, and added a knit border with some chenillle I had to fancy up the edges.

Wishing for more sun…

Dance costumes

Big dance show this past weekend at the Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater!  It was called “Poetry in Motion” – Dancing to the poems of Shel Silverstein! I am lucky enough to sew dance costumes for them from time to time (about 2 shows a year).  Here are a few backstage shots.  Unfortunately I couldn’t take any photos during the show (darn copyrights) but you can get a glimpse of some of the costumes and some adorable dancers in these shots.

the pirates wear red pokadot halters and nautical striped skirts, the other dancers wear sparkly blue halters and hot pink!

backstage pastime - sharing the ipod.

If you’re ever in Asheville, it would be worth your time to check out a show!