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Trunk Show Shipment

I sent a big shipment of Hazel Anne designs off to Maine for a trunk show recently. My loyal friends from when we used to live there hosted for me.  Melinda had a tea party during the afternoon for moms, girls and their dolls, and Lilly hosted an evening soiree at her place for the grown up set.  Melinda said that the “girls turned tea drinking into a sport”!  I set hibiscus petals to pour hot water over – a big dose of vitamin C, and an intense pink color make it one of my winter favorites.

I sent almost all skirts – for women, girls and dolls, along with some wraps/ponchos.

Here are a few shots before packing up:

women's skirts with a few wraps in the middle of the stack.  they look so pretty together!

womens skirts all stacked up - don't they look pretty together?

stacks of girls skirts and wraps

stacks of girls skirts and wraps

american girl doll circle skirts, all fanned out

aftermath - the floor under the cutting table

Soon (really soon, I promise)  I’ll update the web page so some of these styles and colors can finally be purchased online, as well as at trunk shows!  Next one in Asheville, December 3rd and 5th.  Back to the machine and cutting table….