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Cold Brewed Coffee

So you know I love coffee.  I mean, really really.  Can’t go without.  Well, I found a new way to brew it that is gentler on the tummy.  Brew it cold!  I bought this coffee maker from Toddy on Amazon and started a pot right up. Basically, you put a pound of coffee and 9 cups of water into a carafe, and let it sit for 12 hours!  You are left with a coffee concentrate which you then add hot or cold water or milk to whenever you want a cup.  I bought it because I drink tons of iced coffee in the summer, and I only drink it black.  Sometimes when the coffee sits in ice, it gets watered down, and kind of  battery-acid tasting.  But this stuff is great! Perfect for that summer iced coffee.  30 something dollars well spent… Come over for a cup and see what I mean!

This is what it looks like - the image is from their web site. Pretty, huh?