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Busy, busy

Where I’ve been:

Finishing up soccer season

Sewing costumes for "Alice in Wonderland" dance performance at the modern dance studio

among the costumes, hedgehogs!

running a 5K with the girls and the entire Western North Carolina Girls on the Run chapter on a very hot morning.

Making skirts, of course

making endless snacks for 3 hungry kids

Having a studio moving sale! Last minute sample sale - lots of friends came and got many annie m and hazel anne duds for a song. Should have done this years ago!

set up in the living room

tank tops, scarves

and of course, trading silly bandz....

Also doing lots of Pilates teacher training courses, teaching pilates, packing the house to move next week, driving carpool for the last week of school, getting ready for camp, lots of sewing commissions (lamp shapes! curtains!), summer swim team started up again, picking snap peas, the first raspberries… what am I forgetting?  Oh yeah, forgot about this blog for a little bit there….