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Beautiful Models

Oh I have so many photos to show you from the amazing Push Asheville Fashion show!  I’ve just posted a couple on my website for you to see, and I promise I’ll post a slew more here, but tonight I must pack the car for our annual road trip to upstate New York.  Here’s a couple to whet your whistle:

Holt struts her stuff on the runway in super light weight wool jersey.

Carrie and Kaileah wearing a mother daughter look in organic cotton, and a beautiful, simple, floral print

This woman can work a dress! It's wool - but super slinky and light - pink and red, 1920s styling.

Despite - or because- of the blurriness of this photo, I think this is a sexy picture - Leah wore this piece beautifully.

It was a crazy night, but we're still smiling! It really was fun...

I do promise more photos soon, there are so many to sort through, and I just don’t have the time right now!  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us local independent designers!


Fashion at the Orange Peel!

It’s been a lovely, very lively, summer so far.   The kids have already gone to camp and returned home.  Meanwhile, we moved down the street to our new little house and have been nesting here, planting gardens and setting up beds, and basically just enjoying the heat and pace of summer.

I have also been finishing up my Pilates training, and beginning my training in Gyrotonics, so have been logging lots of sweaty hours at the studio – it’s truly wonderful.

Tomorrow, I put my fashion hat back on, and present my Hazel Anne line on the runway at the Orange Peel!  There will be 12 local designers and 18 local boutiques, and the show will benefit Asheville Grown Business Alliance, the grassroots push to support independent businesses and shop local.  I’m showing 5 looks –  2 girls and 3 women.  I’ve had 3 fittings today with my models, and my last 2 come later this afternoon.  It’s so exciting to see these dresses, skirts, tops and leggings on real bodies!  I really love this mini line, and will be making more of it for sure.  No pictures for now, you’ll just have to come to the show Friday, July 16th at 9:00 pm and see for yourself!  If you are out of town, I understand, but you’ll have to wait a few days for me to get the model photos online for everyone to see.

Push Asheville Fashion

Big fashion show coming to town!  Push Productions is hosting a fashion show for local designers and boutiques on July 16th at the gorgeous Orange Peel in downtown Asheville.  I get to show 5 pieces, so I’m doing 3 womens and 2 girls looks.

here's a still of me in a promotional video, talking about a bamboo dress.

And here is the promotional video, featuring me and Hazel Anne Design! (Click on the link there, and it will take you to the you tube video – no matter what I try, I can’t make the video itself appear here).

It’s a funny thing to see yourself on film, there wasn’t really any prep time or practicing, so hopefully I make sense and make people want to come to the show!  It’s an interesting exercise to try to sum up your whole business in 5 minutes, certainly lots gets left out, but what do you think?  Do the main ideas get through?

Vintage cotton

Well NO! I didn’t forget about you!  I’ve just been deep in the pudding of costume making for a local dance troupe, with no time for the computer.  Show starts tonight so I’ll have to get some good photos to share.

So today, I got back to my own stuff, and made a skirt out of a bolt of vintage cotton lawn that I recently bought.  Oh, it’s so pretty! Candy pink, soft and airy, with an organic cotton waistband.

Here it is on the manny, paired with one of my bamboo skinny tanks.

A detail of the adjustable drawstrings on the side, and a closer look at this pretty fabric!

You can go to my Etsy shop to see more details.  It feels good to make something pretty just for for fun, and I have a whole bolt of this cotton, so more to come!  I think it would make a very pretty tunic or light summer dress…..

Upcycling T Shirts

What a busy day in the sewing room!  Every once in a while, I need to just have a fun day and make quick and dirty clothes for the family.  I keep a huge basket in my sewing closet where everyone puts the clothing they have outgrown, is torn, or they no longer like.  It’s kind of like a mending basket, but more extreme.  Then, when the spirit moves me, I dive in and find some pieces to “upcycle”, or redo.  Here’s what I did the other afternoon:

An ancient t-shirt of daddy's becomes a little tunic for Ry.

Detail of neckline. Cut off sleeves and neck. Make a casing in front and back, make a drawstring, and thread it through to tie at the left shoulder.

Here’s a shirt I bought at Goodwill last summer for the fabric. It was too small for me, and too big for her, so I cut the sleeves off, recut the armholes, and whittled in the sides to make a lovely well-fitting tank.

Here you can see the armholes - I sewed clear elastic tape to the inside as I hemmed so there would be no gapping at the armhole.

Last but not least, a little something for moi. This is not made from a t-shirt! My fashionable aunt gave me a silk nightgown when I was about 19, and I've always kept it for the fabric, but it was always a little too big and had buttons that weren't comfy to sleep in, so I recut it to a simple sundress style with casing and drawstring for straps. It'll be lovely to sleep in.

Neckline detail. I'll probably make a simple scarf out of the sleeves that I cut off.

Well, that’s it for that sewing session! Get creative and brave, and cut up your old clothes to make new ones – it costs nothing, and your kids can play with no worries of messing up their nice clothes!  Would any of you like to see more of a tutorial for this idea? Let me know…

A New Dress For France

What to wear in France? That is my big question these days.  The clothes have to be comfortable, easy, and warm.  These days I wear mostly pilates clothes that I have made – yoga pants and tank tops, but these will not do in Paris.  So with comfort and warmth and style in mind, I made a pretty jersey dress to layer over leggings and boots.  Some photos:

Pleated sleeve detail

Soft cowl neck

So what do you think? I know it’s a bit loud, but I have a very dark trench coat and black boots, so I think the dress will be tempered by that.  Opinions? Thoughts? Comments?  Packing is very hard……

My, how she’s grown!

Our mutt Gertie turned one this winter – have a look at her now!  She really is much smaller than we had anticipated, and happily she is still sleek and seal-like.  Her energy is humbling, and she’s a lot of work (you won’t believe how much time I spend now repairing the faces of all our stuffed animal friends), but we do enjoy our morning amblings with our equally enthusiastic canine neighbors next door.  Thank goodness for Clover and Daisy!  That’s when she’s at her best, running with them in the woods.

Yes, I know she shouldn't be on our bed....

Yes, I'm very cute. Please don't kick me off the bed.

In other small news:

The skirt of the day is for a girl!  Aqua and cocoa fabric from japan, very sophisticated…. More info here.

I love small things…