Upcycling T Shirts

What a busy day in the sewing room!  Every once in a while, I need to just have a fun day and make quick and dirty clothes for the family.  I keep a huge basket in my sewing closet where everyone puts the clothing they have outgrown, is torn, or they no longer like.  It’s kind of like a mending basket, but more extreme.  Then, when the spirit moves me, I dive in and find some pieces to “upcycle”, or redo.  Here’s what I did the other afternoon:

An ancient t-shirt of daddy's becomes a little tunic for Ry.

Detail of neckline. Cut off sleeves and neck. Make a casing in front and back, make a drawstring, and thread it through to tie at the left shoulder.

Here’s a shirt I bought at Goodwill last summer for the fabric. It was too small for me, and too big for her, so I cut the sleeves off, recut the armholes, and whittled in the sides to make a lovely well-fitting tank.

Here you can see the armholes - I sewed clear elastic tape to the inside as I hemmed so there would be no gapping at the armhole.

Last but not least, a little something for moi. This is not made from a t-shirt! My fashionable aunt gave me a silk nightgown when I was about 19, and I've always kept it for the fabric, but it was always a little too big and had buttons that weren't comfy to sleep in, so I recut it to a simple sundress style with casing and drawstring for straps. It'll be lovely to sleep in.

Neckline detail. I'll probably make a simple scarf out of the sleeves that I cut off.

Well, that’s it for that sewing session! Get creative and brave, and cut up your old clothes to make new ones – it costs nothing, and your kids can play with no worries of messing up their nice clothes!  Would any of you like to see more of a tutorial for this idea? Let me know…


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