Spring Break

I’ve barely been online in a week!  You’d think that with the kids home, we’d have lots of lazing about time, and therefore plenty of free time!  Alas, a break for the kids is not much of a break for mom.  We did quite enjoy our slow mornings with no alarm clocks and pajamas until 10 am – our natural rhythm works very well this way.  We had time for hikes, and ice cream, and did some spring cleaning and a few projects, but mostly we just walked the dog in the woods and played backyard hoops.  A nice week, really, but now I feel out of touch with my work.  I’ve spent the last 2 days with them back in school at my sewing machine.  What a treat! I’m working on some new summer/fall dresses that I can’t wait to share with you, but for now, a little look back on our week:

Classic Paas egg dying kit. The kids love this project! There are never enough eggs to dye.

pink and orange

spring green

like a robin's egg

lemon yellow

  • Easter morning, searching for jelly beans. Do you know how much dusting those shelves require before you can hide the eggs?
  • Jackpot! she found a purple egg in the climbing tree.

    cleverly hidden in the tulips

    pretty girl, pretty weeping cherry tree.

    beautiful blossoms

    easter egg

    found an egg!

    a basket full

    A Spring Pizza! Try it - just precook a pizza crust, and add goat cheese, strawberries, arugula and pistacios - yum.


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