Le Louvre and La Sorbonne

We spent 1/2 of day 3 in the Louvre, and saw only a small fraction, of course.  Just breathtaking.  I only took one picture of a Botticelli to remember the colors, but I knew photos wouldn’t do justice, so we just bought some postcards to mail and we’ll just remember the rest.  J. has studied and taught lots of art history, so he was basically freaking out, and I just took it all in.  Here’s the Botticelli:

these colors were so luminescent - I couldn't get over how modern some of them looked.

No words right now to describe the feeling of that place.  So much genius, so much history.

After the Louvre, I took a group of gals to see the fashion museum, and you can just imagine how dissapointed we all were to find it is closed on mondays!  We’ll try again wednesday evening.  So off we went on a walk down the Seine to see the Museum of the middle ages instead.

We found lots of modern fashion just out on the street! The girls took pictures of shoes, while I was enamored with this woman's ruffles.

the fashionistas on the bank of the Seine. Dissapointed, but still smiling! At least while they are resting their feet...

Lovely grafitti

Me catching some sun in the courtyard of the Museum of the Middle Ages. We found the rest of our group here and saw some phenomenal tapestries, as well as swords, shields, and chain mail shirts!

A fig tree in the garden just about to leaf out, in front of an ancient sundial.

Old metal pulley

Stone fountain head, which is real?

Another sundial in the courtyard.

Lovely bike panniers

More graffiti - I love the fresh paint, the modern japanese restaraunt and the old iron work.

Orange awnings in an apartment next to the Luxembourg gardens.

A stripe of blue in the Lux gardens

Lounging in the sun for a few minutes by the pond in the garden

The fountain in the garden, decorated for winter?

Pretty tweed skirt in a boutique window. What ever I would like to buy, I take a picture of instead.

See you tomorrow! We’ll be off to the cemetary and the Musee d’Orsay…


1 Response to “Le Louvre and La Sorbonne”

  1. 1 jennifer gianni March 10, 2010 at 1:14 am

    Anne, you are awesome. I love reading and seeing your trip in Paris.

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