We’ve arrived in France!

Bonjour from Paris!  We left yesterday afternoon, flew all night, and aquainted our selves with a bit of the city.  Can’t wait for some sleep, but first a few photos.

Our group leaving asheville airport.

Charles De Gaulle Airport - oh what a long night!

Leaving the airport - we took a bus to our hotel to drop off our stuff

View down a street on the way to hotel

Look what we found down this street! Our hotel is quite close by

so we walked from the hotel to the eiffel tower, and went up. this is a view of a park from the second story platform.

going up! what pretty lines.

Looking up from the second story to the top

Looking down on the old military school and parks where Napolean went to school. See the little carousel for kids in the bottom left corner!

a view of the river Seine - our hotel is the very tall red brick colored one on the left of the river.

J. it's quite cold up here.


L'arc de triumph

Looking down from the first platform into the center.

here we are entering the metro to go to the latin quarter to find some dinner

Hey kids! this is the bridge where Madeline fell into the water in the book!

Also good news, I found a BioCoop, a natural food store that has gluten free crackers, bread, etc very close to our hotel – some goat cheese and crackers with yogurt made a fine lunch!  Ok, signing off for now….


1 Response to “We’ve arrived in France!”

  1. 1 kathleen bryant March 7, 2010 at 12:18 am

    Dustin wants to know, where is your beret?? He also recalled the time he spent 5 days living in Charles De Galle airport, recognized the sign and the wall.
    You both look so European, glad it’s going well, can’t wait to hear more!

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