Mon Dieu!  I found this baking blog online last night that completely took my breath away.  Seriously, I think my heart stopped for a second or two.  So beautiful.

Tartelette's Gluten Free chocolate pear cakes - her photo.

J and I are going to France in a couple of weeks to chaperone a high school trip (his students – I’m just happily tagging along) so I have been spending a good deal of time in the evenings trying to learn about Paris, what to see, and especially, where to eat! I mean, can you imagine going to Paris and trying to eat gluten free?  Luckily it has been so long since I’ve eaten anything wheat related that I don’t even consider pastries to be a food source anymore, but just what will I eat? Luckily others have paved some of the way before me and lived to tell about it, so I have a few suggestions for how to eat, and even a recommendation for a restaurant that is completely gluten free!

Anyways, in this never ending search of mine, I wound up following links to this blog by Tartelette, who turns out to be a lovely French gal who lives in South Carolina, very near to me!  What a small small world.  I started perusing her beautiful recipes, and trying to figure out how to convert them to be gluten free, when much to my surprise, she has done the work for me on some of her recipes! A food blog about baking where many of the cakes are already gluten free?! This was about the point that my heart stopped a little.

Every recipe looks so divine, I almost don’t know where to start, but chocolate cake with pears? Really? Obviously, I’ll start there.  Then on to the Chai cake, Apple Cardamom, where to stop?!  I’m hooked.


A little reminder….

Climbing yellow roses skirt of the day on Etsy!

(Follow this link to Etsy to see more views!)


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