This is what I made J for Valentine’s day – little knit hearts to put in his pocket while he’s at work.  Basically, you take whatever size yarn you have (can you believe I actually had red yarn lying around?), and any size needle, and knit 2 little hearts, sew them together and stuff them with a little polyfill!  I stuffed mine with a combo of polyfill and dried lavender, so they smell very summery.  I looked all over the web for a pattern for a heart, and guess where I finally found what I was looking for?  Yes, you guessed it – Martha Stewart.  Arrggg! Must she have the answer to everything?!  Oh well, I took it and made it my own.  Here’s the link to the pattern.  You need very little yarn – be creative! I’m going to make tiny tiny ones next and string them up for the kids to wear as necklaces – I think that’ll be really sweet.  Here’s a close up:

My ever creative husband needed no pattern for what he made me.  I don’t know where he gets these ideas, but look at this cool shadow box made from one of the kids old colored pencil boxes and copies of the Smithsonian magazine from the 70s:

Cupid with a tommy gun and mini pigs, of course. He's so dark and twisty - I love it!

Just little tokens, both, but so much better than candy!


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