The kids get crafty

Where do they come up with these ideas? I’m so impressed.  They should write a book! Here’s the latest…

You know those cardboard flats that hold fabric onto a bolt? Well, as you can imagine, we have lots of empty ones around here.  But do we toss them into the recycling bin? NO! We can use that!  (poor husband – he just shakes his head – please please can we get rid of this he pleads??).  Well the kids’ favorite use for this so far has been sledding down the stairs on them.  They call it “surfing”.  Scary stuff.  But now there’s a new use! Name plates for their doors! Look how clever:

Declan's room! he gets first billing because it was his idea, and he did it first! How much do you adore that blue creature with the beady eyes??

The girls' room - theirs is pretty cute, too, just simpler. I do like the crab. Add some holes you make with a ball point pen, find some twine in the gardening basket, and string it up with a thumbtack! I'm so proud.

And just in case you were wondering, here’s my crafty-ness of the day:

It's two layers today! aqua, green and chocolate brown.

Skirt of the day, on Etsy.


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