Small Magazine, and a Small Skirt

I recently discovered a neat on-line magazine for the small set, called – you guessed it –  Small Magazine!

Here's their front cover for winter

It’s basically a design magazine for kids (well, for their parents).  It is very slick, lovely illustrations and very arty photo shoots.  I do love to sit down with an actual paper magazine and tea every once in a while, so I hesitate to endorse yet another thing we need to do/look at/subscribe to on the computer, but if you are into design and kids stuff, its worth a gander.  The pages loaded pretty quickly for me, and it’s always inspiring to see how beautiful things for kids can be.

In honor of Small today, my skirt of the day is small, too!  A reversible little cotton number – 2 coordinating/contrasting prints in yummy colors for one lucky girl.  Have a look on etsy!

tangerines and raspberries!I love little things…


1 Response to “Small Magazine, and a Small Skirt”

  1. 1 Elizabeth February 4, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    That is the cutest skirt ever!! Two for the price of one!

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