An afternoon of baking (gluten free, of course)

Here’s what you can make in one afternoon if you’re out of all gluten free foods and you’ve nothing to eat:

Gluten Free Granola - I make this a lot - oats, rice cereal, cinnamon, cardamom, honey, butter, raisins, nuts, and bake it for a while. I usually quadruple the recipe and we eat through it so fast!

Next came the lemon squares. One of us has the middle name "Lemon", so we have renamed the dessert after him, with the added bonus of he will actually eat it! My sis gave me the recipe which she adapted to be gluten free, and it worked out very well.

Mmmm - here's the Love plate again, always with sweets on it. The lemon boy kept sneaking these off the counter.

These were rising on the stove while I made the granola and lemon squares. Gluten Free english muffins. they taste more like bread, or rolls, but I use english muffin molds to put the dough in, so they come out nice and round and slice-able. Then I throw them in the freezer and pull them out as we need them. A very versatile bread, with no lactose, either. I got this recipe years ago from the Bette Hagman cook book - the original gluten free guru. Where would we be without her?!

So, next time you have an afternoon free, gather your ingredients and do all your baking at once – it really goes much faster!  And, if you want any of these recipes, just leave a comment and I’ll try to write them out for you.  Happy baking!


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