holiday recap

Well the holidays were just too busy to keep up with this here blog.  It was certainly fun, but as I dropped into bed each night (with a very lively cough that wouldn’t quit) I just couldn’t muster the energy to do something as drastic as download pictures.  So here’s a little photo essay of our crazy holidays, then tomorrow, on to the new year!

making gluten free sugar cookies for santa. the dough is weird so you have to roll it out between 2 sheets of plastic wrap. this recipe is adapted from the Gluten Free Girl's.

Ryland's wearing one of my new tank tops with a silk screen of a bird. I love this one.

ahh, frosting. the best part. look at those cute food coloring stained hands!

the big snow

we had just made these swags before it snowed. they are super easy - just take the bottom branches that you cut off your christmas tree to make it fit into your stand, and tie a red ribbon around it! add some berries that you find in the woods (Ryalnd's idea) and hang the whole thing on a nail somewhere. voila!

dog loves the snow. note the LLBean tobogan (left over from our Maine days) in the background - 1st time in 5 years that we've been able to use it!

trying with little success to get a good christmas card shot. wish I could post the whole series - it gets pretty wacky.

poems and goodies for santa. the boy decided we'd better put out a muffin with the cookies so santa can have some healthy food.

remote control tarantula - thanks santa!

with a little help, Ryland made this sock monkey from old cotton socks for Holt's christmas present. It's name is Lucy.

Declan made this man out of straws for Ryland's gift. his idea and excecution entirely.

at my parents' house outside of Boston. This old house turns 300 years old this year. my bro peeks out from behind his stocking on the staircase.

You have to love this scene. again, in the old house, the fire never dies out, thanks to dad.

mom always sets a beautiful table. only candlelight in this room. it's hard to play parchessi in this room, but it makes for a lovely meal.

the folks' pretty tree

My grandma with some of her 11 great grand kids. pretty special.

Now, onto the new year!


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