big outing

Big outing to the post office this morning! J and I went with our applications, photos, etc. in hand to apply for passports!  super exciting.  $200 later, we have that errand done and now can focus on the fun of the trip.  Yesterday J actually found my expired passport that was issued in 1987 (gulp!) when I had braces and wore flannel shirts and bangs.  Needless to say, it was time for an update (although I would kill to have that unlined skin again).

So who has travel advice for me?  I need to jump back into the saddle, practice my French, and find a great bag to haul all over Paris.  I’ve been looking at these Amy Butler patterns, but can’t decide which one to make.  Maybe you know of other sites with bag patterns? Let me know! Perhaps I should make myself a new travel wardrobe too? I mean, there’s lots of stuff to think about and plan for, but we all know that fashion is what really gets me going.  Advice? Thoughts?


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