making quilt tops

OK, I didn’t make it, but check this out:

johns quilt topI was cleaning out my sewing closet this August, because it was literally spilling out the door, and I packed up many bags of fabric to give to my friend, John.  I mean, I gave him years worth of cotton scraps.  John is super cool, you should click this link and go see his stuff.  He makes Stupid Sock Creatures, among other things.  He has this great studio in the River Arts District here in Asheville, and it, too, is overflowing with fabrics and stuff.  He has lots of fantastic ideas and has written a book, and volunteers his time at my kids school to teach kids his art.  How great is that?!

So not only did he take scraps off of my hands, but he actually did something with them.  I had visions of doing this for years, but finally admitted defeat.

I am so thrilled that John took the time to do this, and to share the photo with me, which I now share with you.  If you’ve followed my sewing trajectory, you might just recognize a lot of this fabric.  There is the red surf fabric that Patricia brought back from a Hawaiian vacation like, 10 years ago, prints from my first kids show ever back in Maine, poppies from my grandmothers scrap box, and so so much more.  Each piece has a story, and now all together it has a new life.

Thanks, John!


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