Cat Pee

Ok, no pretty pictures today.  Some days are full of pretty pictures.  Today started out with cat pee.

So picture this if you can.  Dad goes to work early.  I’ve gotta get 3 kids out the door by 8:00 so they can walk to their carpool meeting spot. They decide to sleep through the alarm so this has to happen in about 32 minutes.  Also, dog has to go out to pee, and since she will run away if we are not with her, this has to be done by one of us and a leash.  So we’re racing around as we do, grabbing english muffins before they burn under the broiler (toaster broke long ago – no replacement funds), doing ponytails, signing homework, finding shoes, I know you can picture this.  Then, with 4 minutes to go, Holt remembers she needs to bring her soccer stuff with her for afterschool.  I am finding her a pair of shorts when I come back into the kitchen and she has a scarf tied around her face, a huge green oven mitt on, and in that oven mitt are socks and uniform from sundays game that she has just pulled out of her soccer bag.

And they stink.

I mean, these stink really bad.  But it’s not your normal mildewy uniform smell.  This smells like something different.  Something like… you guessed it! Cat Pee.

Why do her things smell like cat pee? I throw these in the washer, then take a wiff of the bag they were in, along with her cleats and shin guards.  Oh crap.  This is when I realize that I have blocked the litter box with laundry that the dog threw up on last week and I still haven’t taken to a laundromat (quilt is too big to fit in our old machine – who has time to go to a laundromat? how will I ever wash this thing?).  So, naturally, the cat need to pee in the night, well, I guess Holt’s bag of soccer stuff looked just fine to her!

So you realize that I now have about 2 1/2 minutes to get them out the door.  And cat stink doesn’t just wash off.  So, I spray the cleats down with my all purpose cleanser that I make and use on everything (tea tree oil, Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap and water), rinse them under the sink, spray them again, stuff them with newspaper cause they are now wet, wrap the whole drippy mess in more paper, put the bundle in a plastic bag, spray the whole thing with febreeze which I find under the sink from the last time my mother-in-law was here (she loves the stuff) and stick the whole thing into a new canvas bag and shoot her out the door.

Good thing she practices outside.


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