I have a new obsession.

I have totally geeked out on you tube videos.

Videos of Joe Pilates himself, teaching and demonstrating his work.

I mean, check this video OUT!  Yes, I know it is 10 minutes of silent black and white film of 2 guys exercising in the 1940s,  but this is just too good.

(Ok, rats.  I just realized I have to pay $57 a year to be able to upload videos, and that’s not happening right now, so you’ll have to follow this link, but believe ME – it is worth it.  At least if you love pilates as much as I do.  Or if you have 10 minutes to kill.)

This crazy code below, translated into English, means essentially, “joe teaches reformer”.

First of all, check out the little number he is wearing! Fantastic little shorts.

Around minute 2, Joe starts trying to teach the poor kid how to do the rowing exercise.  He’s not kidding around! The kid is just getting put in his place, get that head down! If you can make it to minute 5ish, Joe tries to teach the same guy (who has NO hamstring flexibility, by the way) how to do the high heeled elephant, and again with the head! It’s serious teaching.

Well, if you are so inclined, surf around and watch some of these.  In all seriousness, some of the videos are just quite beautiful, how the body can move, and what is most amazing to me is that most of these exercises are done exactly the same way today.  I just think that’s amazing.

Do you like this as much as I do? Let me know if I’m boring you, but I’m way way into this and you’ll probably hear more from me on this….


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