American Girl Doll Clothes

Kit got a new outfit for Ryland’s birthday! Surely you all know about the American Girl dolls, at least if you have girls or know any girls.  Our girls have one each, and Declan wishes they made American Boy dolls.  Wouldn’t that be cute? I love making them new clothes, it doesn’t take much fabric, and you can be as creative as you want.  Kit is the historical doll who grew up in the depression, but she comes with the most stuff, ironically.  She has a million things you can purchase, or you can make your own.  I have seen in fabric stores that you can buy patterns for these dolls as well, they sell them as 18″ doll clothes.

Here are Kit’s new duds:

DSC_0010It’s a little sundress just like the ones I make for Hazel Anne, but super shrunken!  It has a little ribbon tie for the shoulder straps – and made in my current line of fabrics. She also has little shorts underneath – have a peek!


close up - nice legs, Kit!

close up - nice legs, Kit!

Back view

Back view

So cute!


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