thoughts for tonight

1. I need to make more cool hangtags for Saturday’s show.

2. Kids are at camp so I’ll have to do this alone. When?

3. I should also probably make some inventory to hang those tags on.  I was going to do that tonight, but instead read Harry Potter (the 3rd one) to Declan (those chapters are, like, super long), then talked to my Mom for a good hour on the phone.

4. But, this was time well spent since…

5. Tomorrow is the day where my dad gives one of his kidney’s to my brother.

6. Number 5 is very hard for me to wrap my head around.  It has been this vague idea for so long I’m kind of surprised it is actually happening.

7. So, a long talk with mom was good for both of us, and the dresses can wait.

8.  But I have to hang something on the rack this saturday.

9.  Guess I’ll do that tomorrow.

10.  It’ll be hard to concentrate tomorrow.


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