natural cold remedies

We are all passing around a lovely, lively cold here in our house.  Seriously, it is a coughing chorus!  I really hate the over the counter medicines, they make me feel wierd, and frankly, they just don’t work.  My internet-sleuthing husband read many, many pages on line about herbs that help with cough and cold, and he came up with a tea that we made.  This is such a good recipe, it really works for us, to dry out runny noses, and especially helps coughs.  We went to the bulk section of our local health food store (you know, where you can scoop up cinnamon and cumin?) and bought equal parts of these 5 herbs:

Licorice root, Thyme leaf, Mullein, Wild Cherry, and Hyssop.

Just mix them up and put some in your tea ball or basket in your tea pot, and steep some tea.  Apparently, thyme is really good for coughs.  My parents have thyme for a lawn instead of grass – it’s so pretty in the summer when it blooms, but it frustrated us as kids, because it was scratchy, and you could very easily step on a bee! But boy, they could make some serious tea!

Here are my other simple cold survival tips:

Give the kids a peppermint tea bag to stick in their pocket as they head off to school with a stuffy nose.  They can just put it to their little noses and sniff in deeply – it really helps!

A spoonful of honey works better to quiet my kid’s coughs in the middle of the night than any cough medicine I’ve found.

One of my friends taught me this one – Boil some water in a saucepan, then throw in some green tea leaves – make it double strength.  Then tent a towel over your head, lean over the pan (after you’ve taken it off the heat!) and inhale really deeply.  Green tea is anti-microbial, and I swear it helps clear out a chest cold.

You know those breathe right strips that they make? get the ones for kids from Target or someplace like that for nighttime.  They help my kids sleep when they are all stuffed up, and they contain no medicine.

I’m no doctor, but I feel like as a mom, I need to have some tools in my belt to help the kids out when they are not well.  It’s so nice that we have these natural remedies to turn to – it makes me feel so much safer than giving them what’s in the stores these days, and also makes me feel clever when I can help the kids (or us!) with such simple ingredients!

Here’s to amazing plants…


1 Response to “natural cold remedies”

  1. 1 emily February 5, 2009 at 4:45 am

    Thank you for the excellent cold remedies. The tea sounds great. We take tinctures with echinanea and cherry bark (for coughs) and lots of vitamin C (rose hips are great), and I have been wanting to order Young Living’s Theives blend essential oil, it is supposed to work wonders. I love the peppermint idea, too!

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