it worked!

yesterday’s blue tissue paper disasters turned into todays fruit! Somehow, getting nowhere yesterday turned into 2 workable patterns today, without much fuss.  Acute short sleeved blouse that will work with lots of light cottons for spring or layered for fall, and a basic pattern for a shift dress.  That doesnt sound like it would be hard, but getting a shift dress to be flattering is no small feat… So now that I have some decent shapes to work with I can play around with design details and fabrics.

Also, getting closer to having a working web page…

On the home front, it is cold today! Our home is drafty, and while the upstairs is perfectly pleasant, the downstairs is not faring so well.  We solved that with everyone running outside after dinner in their slippers to get 3 pieces of wood each from the pile under the blue tarp, then racing back in to give them to dad, who started a lovely, lively little fire!  Then we all worked on some christmas puzzles and paper machine kits until we noticed how tired the kids looked, and put them to bed.  So now I’m stuck right here in my green chair.  I want to get up to get tea and rifle around for some chocolate, but it’s cold in that kitchen!  Wish I could take the fire upstairs for the night…


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