snow day

snow day.  really?

snow day. really?

so this is what a snow day looks like in the mountains of North Carolina.  School was called off today.  Growing up in New England, I just will never get used to this.  Snow days were so fun as a kid because you could sled all morning and then come in and thaw out with a well deserved hot chocolate, but here there’s not even enough to make a tiny snow ball! So what to do with 3 kids all day? well, just remind me that next time, I will not try to get the kids to help me change their sheets, do some housework, and then go to 3 separate grocery stores. Next time, even though there is no snow to play in, we will just go out for a walk and make cookies.  nothing else.  it would have been so much easier.  Next time…


1 Response to “snow day”

  1. 1 Ralph January 16, 2009 at 2:48 am

    The next time sounds like a good time for all. We didn’t have the snow – just the cold. I kept the fire going all day, but forgot to have the hot chocolate. Next time……

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