exciting day

Today I sent out my first proposal to a publisher for a book I want to write!  I’ve been thinking on this for a while, trying to narrow down what I have to offer.  The world of artists and crafters is so full of creative and brilliant people, that I have wondered if I could really put something unique out there.  I’m so excited about what I’ve come up with, that writing the official proposal and making the prototypes was a breeze.  That happens so rarely, that I thought I should take the time tonight to recognize the moment.  Who knows what will happen, but it’s exciting just the same.  I took a few quick shots of the girls in the prototype skirts :

sassy ryland

Sassy Ryland, and Holt in her red skirt and favorite fleece leggings

Sassy Ryland, and Holt in her red skirt and favorite fleece leggings

This little photo shoot demonstrated to me once again, that I need a new camera!!! I’ve been searching and learning and am almost ready to buy a Nikon. more on that later…

The other exciting thing about today is that I took my first real reformer class! I love love love Pilates, and I have taken only mat classes.  But my favorite Pilates studio in Asheville is now offering community classes, which means that once a week, the class is priced lower, so us starving artists and teachers can afford it!  Yeah! Thanks Jen!  Here’s their link if you want to check them out, it is truly a world class studio with amazing instructors.  www.fusionpilatesasheville.com Pilates has done wonders for my body over the years. I’m so grateful that I discovered it.  It makes you feel long and lean – what could be better?!

Here’s to exciting days!


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